Marketment® Strategic Planning Module

Marketment® represents the integrated strategic planning process of blending marketing and management strategies from a clearly defined mission in sync with the organizational operating system.  It starts by identifying the organization’s Values, Intentions, Beliefs and Environments.  These elements, combined together, create the basis for possible evolutions in strategy.  Ignoring these elemental VIBE components is the primary reason why many strategic plans end up in the filing draw instead of the cash register.

The Marketment® Strategic Planning Module usually includes a proof-of-concept pilot program so that the proposed strategies can begin to be implemented (“graphed”) into the existing organizational operating system.   Marketment®  is a mission-driven process that is only as successful  as the top management team’s willingness to walk the talk and make the room within the organization for true innovation.

This module can be tailored for both for-profit and non-profit organizational development with the term of engagement usually running from three to six months from concept to implementation.  This module is specifically geared for development of target marketing initiatives and reorganizational efforts.