Cross-Cultural Capacity Module

All effective outreach initiatives, both with internal and external audiences, must incorporate the elements of Commonality, Authenticity, Respect and Trust (CART) to maintain sustainability.  When individuals involved in developing and implementing outreach efforts make the Pivotal Shift from ME to WE –things happen, in a positive way.

The Cross-Cultural Capacity Module differs from the traditional Cultural Competency model in that Cross-Cultural  Capacity includes the outreacher’s existing perspectives in the relational dynamic with their intended audience.  It’s not about THEM… it’s about reaching the higher and richer ground of US.

The Cross-Cultural Capacity Module is an experiential based program which can be facilitated in either a half day or full day format.  It’s an effective strategy for addressing the issues related to internal “corporate silos;” launching new target marketing program; human resource team building and as a strategic planning primer.