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The MOST Inc is a capacity building management and marketing firm with a specialty in target audience engagement initiatives.   Whether it’s an internal strategic planning session or an external target marketing program, we believe that all sustainable initiatives require an identification, and sometimes refinement, of the organizational operating system before launching the “new and improved.”

We do not believe that the term “change management” is an accurate phrase for effective and sustainable management/marketing programs.  Rather, we learned that an organization must evolve from its present position.  A pivotal shift in perspective will leverage the best and disregard the rest—no change necessary, just more focus on what’s relevant to mission and the intended audience.

Our customizable programs range from half-day to multi-day experientially based leadership and organizational development modules with a focus on developing proof-of-concept pilot programs which can then be leveraged for a variety of future initiatives.

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Organizational Growth & Sustainability — Latino Style!


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