MST Latino

Three Steps To The Marketing Merengue

People… Product… Promotion… Latino Style!   One commonality exists between ALL successful Latino engagement initiatives—they authentically engage and integrate staff, product development and community outreach—from a Latino perspective.  They dance the Marketing Merengue.

MST Latino is an acronym for Mission, Strategies, Tactics—Latino Style.  With over 16 years experience in developing mission driven Latino outreach programs we empower clients to take a more active role in growing their target marketing efforts.  The essence of this proven capacity building strategy is based on two premises:

First Earn Trust

  • Latinos buy from people we have first built trust with—then we buy their products/services
  • Hence, the need to hire or contract bilingual, culturally knowledgeable staff to interface with the community

Match Your Messaging

  • Even with an ad agency crafted Latino marketing campaign, if the staff and environment in the branch/retail location are not culturally relevant —the wrong message will be related back to the community (no one wants to ever be called a “mentiroso” in our community).
  • Evolve products/services that incorporate the Latino lifestyle (i.e. adjust credit rating criteria based on cash buying history).

MST Latino’s approach toward developing Latino engagement initiatives always starts with the top management team and works down the org chart to where the dance shoes meet the floor with the marketing street teams.  Modules can be customized based on the existing internal client capacities and include Latino market expertise in cross-cultural capacity, community relations, leadership development, strategic planning and messaging.

MST Latino is a certified DBE with a specialty in Marketing Consulting Services.  Please call 224-420-7936 for further information.