If you literally retired today, would the legacy of your efforts continue tomorrow morning?  Have you invested the time and effort to mentor your staff and document your best practices so that others can legitimately call it their own?  Have you made the pivotal shift from Me to We?

LEGACYVIBE™ Leadership is an experientially based management development program based on three key premises:

  • None of us got to where we are today without the guidance of giving mentors
  • The legacy of our mentors, and their influences on our lives, is best honored by paying it forward
  • WE are a much more effective than ME when serving THEE

The LEGACYVIBE™ series  is a great call to action accelerator program for organization’s wishing to engage and tune team efforts and the corresponding Values, Intentions, Beliefs & Environment (VIBE).  Workshops are available in half, full and two day formats with a multiple of applications including Customer Service, Community Outreach, Diversity, Leadership and Strategic Planning.