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According to a widely recognized study conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian at UCLA; when we attempt to communicate our feelings or subjects of an emotional nature, 7% of our message is communicated through our words, 38% with our vocal tones and 55% via our body language. No wonder we often ignore those long verbose emails […]

Over 2 million reasons to reach out to the Latino market

by Jerry Campagna August 16, 2011   With the 2010 Census reporting 2,027,758 Latinos residing in Illinois (with over 1 million in the suburbs) and representing 72 percent of the population growth during the past decade, it’s time to spice up your business plan accordingly. And like all other successful target marketing strategies, effectively engaging […]

Can Latinos Save Aurora, Illinois? Cashing in on The Conquistador’s Medallion

by Jerry Campagna September 11, 2012   On the second day of my new position as the Interim Executive Director of the Aurora Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I received this call… “Hello, my name is Bill Law from BBC News in London, and we’re coming to America to record a radio documentary…” At first, I […]