WE > ME.

The word “ME” transforms into “WE” when we are able to physically, and metaphorically, pivot the “M” 180 degrees from the center point—it does not require us to move from our current position or change the elements, only shift the perspective.  The results of this shift from ME to WE can have profound effects on our ability to more effectively accomplish organizational goals and engage target audiences—all with existing resources.

LEGACYVIBE™ is the experiential process through which we assist clients in getting more done, in less time, with more smiles.  If your organization ready for a shift toward a more rewarding workplace, and bottom line, contact me directly for a free one hour assessment session.



  • “Jerry is hands down the most requested speaker…”

    Jerry is hands down the most requested speaker at our Chamber Training Institute. His engaging and thought provoking presentations on Mission Driven Leadership Styles and Evolving Sustainable Growth Strategies have been well attended and highly rated by our chamber leaders. Jerry is not only knowledgeable in his field, but he Read more >>